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The Light Emitting Diode LED For Short.By Gallium (Ga) And Arsenic (As), Phosphorus (P) And Nitrogen (N), Indium (In) Compounds Made Of Diode, When Electrons And Holes Composite Can Radiate Light, Thus It Can Be Used To Make Leds.In The Circuit And Equipment As Light, Or Of Text Or Figures.Phosphorus Gallium Arsenide Diode Red Glow, Gallium Phosphide Diode Hair Green Light, Yellow Light, Silicon Carbide Diode Indium Gallium N Diode Hair Blue Light.


50 Years Ago People Have To Understand Semiconductor Materials Can Produce Light Of The Basic Knowledge, The First Commercial Diodes In 1960.Leds Are English Light Emitting Diode (Light Emitting Diode).

It Is A Kind Of Semiconductor Diode, Can Convert Electrical Energy To Light Energy.Light-Emitting Diodes (Leds) With Normal Diode Consists Of A PN Junction, Also Has Unidirectional Conductivity.When Adding Forward Voltage To Light Emitting Diode, From P Area Into N The Holes And By N Area Into P Area Electronic, Near The P-N Junction Several Micrometers Respectively With The Hole Recombination Of Electrons And P N Area Area, Produce The Spontaneous Emission Fluorescence.Different Of Electrons And Holes In Semiconductor Materials Of Different Energy States.When The Electrons And Holes Of Composite Release How Much Energy Is Different, The More Energy Release, The Shorter The Wavelength Of Light.Commonly Used Are Red, Green Or Yellow Light Diode.

Light Emitting Diode Reverse Breakdown Voltage Of 5 V.Positive Volt-Ampere Characteristic Curve Is Very Steep, It Must Be Series Current Limiting Resistor To Control The Current Flowing Through The Pipes.Current Limiting Resistor R Calculate The Type: R = (E - UF)/IF
E For The Power Supply Voltage Type, UF Positive Pressure Drop For The LED, IF For The General Working Current Of The LED.

Light-Emitting Diodes (Leds)

ITS Basic Structure Is An Electroluminescent Semiconductor Materials, Placed On A Wire Rack, Then Sealed With Epoxy Resin Around, Protect The Internal Core, So The LED Of The Seismic Performance Is Good.Light-Emitting Diodes (Leds) Core Part Is Composed Of P-Type And N-Type Semiconductor Semiconductor Chips, Between The P-Type And N-Type Semiconductor Semiconductor Has A Transition Layer, Called The PN Junction.In Some Of The Semiconductor PN Junction, The Minority Carrier Injection With Majority Carrier Compound Will Release Excess Energy In The Form Of Light, So As To Directly Convert The Electric Energy To Light Energy.PN Junction To Add Reverse Voltage, Minority Carrier Injection, So The Light.Principle Of The Use Of Injection Electroluminescent Diode Called Light-Emitting Diodes (Leds), Known As The LED.(That Is, When It Is In A State Of Positive Work Plus Forward Voltage) On Both Ends, When The Current Is Flowing From The LED Anode To Cathode, Semiconductor Crystal Gives Different Colors Of Light From Ultraviolet To Infrared, The Strength Of The Light Associated With Current.

According To The ?2013-2017 China LED Lighting Industry Market And Investment Strategy Analysis Report ?Analysis, LED Lighting Market Has Long Been Regarded As The Most Important, The Most Promising Applications.Overall, The Macro Environment Is Highly Beneficial To The Development Of LED Lighting Applications, The Main Performance: 1) Become Issues Of Global Concern For Energy Conservation And Emissions Reduction And Promoting; 2) The Traditional Light Source Technology Development Is Slow, Facing Development Bottleneck; 3) The LED Lighting Technology And Lower Costs, And Market Barriers Have Not For A Long Time.

In 2009, According To Data, The Global LED Street Lamp Device Number About 2.5 Million Lamp, Permeability Of 1%. In 2010, The Global LED Street Lights Can Achieve 4.5 Million Lamp, Permeability Of 2% Or More.Report Predicts Global LED Lights Market Will Show Rapid Growth After 2010, Between 2009 And 2013?The Compound Growth Rate As High As 97.75%, To 2013, The Global LED Street Lamp Market Is Attain $2.159 Billion.

Preview Web Team LED Lighting Industry Analysis, Driven By The "Ten City Ten Thousand Light" Policy, LED Street Lamp Market Will Keep Growing In Our Country, To 2013, Our Country LED Street Light The Size Of The Market Is Expected To Reach 8.663 Billion Yuan, Accounting For About Fifty Percent Of The Global Market Scale, Become One Of The World's Most Important Markets LED Street Lamp.

With The Leap Of The Continued Development Of The Industry, Technology Breakthrough, Promoted Application, LED The Photosynthetic Efficiency Has Been Improved, Prices Are Lower.The Emergence Of A New Combined Pipe Core, Also Let A Single LED Tube (Modules) Power Enhances Unceasingly.Through Continued Efforts To Research And Development, Trade The New Optical Design Breakthrough, The Development Of New Lamp Kind, The Product Of A Single Situation Is Expected To Contract Further In Reverse.The Improvement Of Control Software, LED Lighting Use More Convenient.These Gradual Change, Reflects The LED Light-Emitting Diodes In The Lighting Application Prospect.

LED Is Known As The Fourth Generation Of Light Source, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Safety, Long Service Life, Low Power Consumption, Low Heat, High Brightness, Waterproof, Miniature, Shockproof, Easy To Move Light Easy, Concentrated Beam, Maintenance Etc., Can Be Widely Used In All Kinds Of Instructions, Display, Adornment, Back Light, General Lighting And Other Fields.

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