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KCSAD, a new name in the world of lighting industry has entered the market with a vision to satisfy the ardent need of valuable customers with promising sale and excellent after sale services. Globally, LED lighting has been widely accepted to replace incandescent & CFL due to its unbelievable energy saving, long lasting life being eco-friendly, no mercury & UV and above all low maintenance cost. KCSAD, with the capability of facing new challenges and finishing the best opportunities, has planted a manufacturing unit from where it can lit its light to various parts of the world. The unit has been designed to provide all type of drivers , LED panels, COB, LED strips and various other LED lighting product comprising of cabinet lights etc. all under one roof. Its KCSAD’s primary concern to keep the customers in comfort zone for which it fulfils it by providing customers a special on-wheel showroom at their site so that they can easily satisfy their decision. At KCSAD, innovation is a never ending journey. Our passion for innovation and quality drives us to develop and deliver new products and solutions for our customers time to time. KCSAD is helping customers all over the country to cheerfully illuminate their workplace and meet their energy saving needs through various offerings. KCSAD has developed and implemented a quality management system complying with ISO 9001. We never compromise the quality against price. Never be surprised by unexpected cost for protection, repair and support. By choosing KCSAD, you can confidently ensure yourself with the satisfactory investments over our quality and their respective prices. Long lasting life, energy saving and satisfactory price is what make KCSAD a promising brand. That’s why KCSAD defines itself as “LIGHTS FOREVER”.

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